Office papers and more

Business papers are mainly sheeted, or otherwise converted into a number of products. Among them, office papers cover a wide range of grades. Those used for reproduction (eg: photocopy, offset, duplicator) are called reprographic papers. Photocopy paper has grown strongly since the mid-1980s, due to its use in plain paper copiers (PPC), and its suitability being extended to page printers (eg: laser printers, for which the paper is commonly smoother) and plain paper fax (which uses either laser printing or ink jet printing). Paper grades that serve some or all of these and other (eg: color applications and offset litho) duties, are called multifunctional papers; they are used for multifunctional machines, and enable office inventories to be simplified.

The bulk of consumption is at 75-80 g/m2

The standard formats are:

  • A3 (420 x 297 mm)
  • A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • Fullscap (216x 330 mm)
  • Letter size (216 x 279 mm)
  • Legal (216 x 356 mm)
  • from mainly mechanical to mainly woodfree. Used with stencil duplicator.
  • Grammage: 70-80 g/m2