Everything to make a cigarette

4 different paper grades are used to make a cigarette:

Cigarette tissue

This is the main white cigarette paper. Air resistance (or porosity) is important, because the paper must smoulder at the same rate as the tobacco.

Grammage: 19-27 g/m2.

Filter plug

This paper is compressed to form the filter (ie: plug). Its wet tensile and air resistance are important properties.

Filter plug wrap

This paper wraps the filter plug or acetate filter.

Cigarette tipping

This paper joins the tobacco-filled cigarette section to the filter. It is sometimes printed to resemble cork. Smoothness and wet tensile are required. Since cigarettes are made at speeds up to 16,000/min, glueability is also an important property.

Grammage: 28-36 g/m2