A paper for every purpose

Carbonizing base paper

is a thin long fiber-based tissue for conversion into one-time carbon (i. e. carbon paper) by coating with carbon black, or other coloring agent, in a binder (eg: carnauba wax).

Base Grammage: 18-20 g/m2

Casting paper

Casting paper is used:

    In the casting of plastics, that are to be embossed with a textured surface. eg: PVC cloth for imitation leather.
    For casting blocks of polyurethane, as required principally in the furniture and automotive industries.

Decalcomania paper

Decalcomania paper (decal paper) is used for transferring printed designs onto the surface of ceramics or glass. A coating of gum Arabic plus starch allows the design to be moved and so positioned accurately.

Grammage: 155-170 g/m2

Digitized paper (magnetic paper)

Felt paper

Felt paper is mainly base paper for impregnation:

  • With bitumen (asphalt, pitch), for use underneath house roofs and walls (roofing felt).
  • For vinyl floor covering.

The furnish is rag, glass fiber, polyester fiber or recycled fiber according to grade.

Grammage: 130-680 g/m2

Glass fiber paper

Glass fiber paper is used for filters, roofing felt paper, shingles, and nonwovens. Glass fibers (fiberglass) are made either by a flame attenuation or spinning process.

Paper cones

Paper cones for textile yarns involves 4 stages: cone making (paper gluing); drying; flocking (flock powder spraying, paint tipping, cone counting and nesting); and finishing (eg: nose end lubrication and bending, bottom burnishing, half moon punching, surface velvet finish, and concentric grooving).

Pyroxylin coated paper

Pyroxylin coated paper. Pyroxylin (collodion) is cellulose nitrate, but less highly nitrated than nitrocellulose and so less explosive. When the solvent evaporates, it dries as a hard protective skin.

A pyroxylin coating gives a colored (eg: gold) effect on book covers. Imitation leatherdoth (paper leatherette) is made by coating a base paper (sometimes latex impregnated) with pyroxylin (or PVC), and then embossing it to resemble leather.

Rice paper

Rice paper is a thin material, which is neither paper nor made from rice. It is made from thin slices of the pith of a small tree, Aralia papyrifera, which grows in Taiwan. The sheets are sometimes dyed, and used locally to make artificial flowers and for watercolor paintings.

Stencil base paper

Stencil base paper is thin paper used with duplicator paper on a duplicating machine. It is made from a long fibered pulp (eg: abaca), sometimes with the addition of a synthetic fiber (eg: nylon) for strength. A declining market, due to competition from photocopying.

Grammage: 9-19 g/m2

Tea bag paper

Tea bag paper is a highly porous fiber network consisting mainly of a long fibered pulp with sometimes the addition of synthetic thermoplastic fiber to improve wet tensile strength and make the bag heat sealable.

Grammage: 12-17 g/m2

Transfer paper

Transfer paper is treated to allow images printed on it (eg: by ink jet printer, laser printer, or color copier) to be transferred onto a fabric (eg: cotton T-shirt, synthetics, or fabric mousepad) or other materials, by heat (eg: hand iron).

Grammage: about 150 g/m2